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About Us

Our Advantage

Vallee Surveying, LLC was founded in 2008 by Robert Vallee. Robert is a Professional Land Surveyor
licensed in the State of New Jersey and holds over 17 years experience in Land Surveying. Vallee Surveying is educated, organized, managed, and equipped solely to provide all types of Land Surveying services. The company has a full time staff consisting of computer drafters, surveyors, mapping technicians and field crews supervised by experienced Professional Land Surveyors. At the forefront of technology, Vallee Surveying utilizes state of the art surveying equipment including electronic total stations, robotic total stations, data collectors, high precision digital levels, Ground Penetrating Radar and Global Positioning Satellite systems that will help assure the quality of our locations.


Vallee Surveying provides a great deal of assurance in the quality and practice of Land Surveying. The company utilizes new technology that collects, processes, stores, transmits, and displays information which ultimately offers reduced budgets and shortened project timelines. Vallee Surveying carries out a methodology that is embedded into everything we do. Our A.C.C.U.R.A.T.E. vision allows us to focus on providing the upmost level of service. Land surveying is based on accuracy which is why our project management methodology is based on A.C.C.U.R.A.T.E.

All projects are managed and reviewed by a Professional Land Surveyor, providing
our clients with security and confidence.

We believe our clients should always be in the know. On a regular basis we provide status updates and communicate project details throughout the timeline.

Working together is a necessity to a successful project. Whether it’s working with clients, other vendors, or both, we believe collaboration is a key element to achieving accuracy.

Undivided Attention
Our small business atmosphere allows each and every client to get the attention that they are looking for. When communicating with us you speak directly to the Professional Land Surveyor.

Dependability is important to us and our clients. We make every effort to be available when necessary whether it’s to complete work in the field, answer questions over the phone, or attend meetings in person.

We work for you and with you. It is important that our clients feel they can trust their surveyor and we are always there to present and explain information to all parties involved.

Being on time is a mission that we always strive to achieve. It is clearly
understood that our work is the upmost and timely fashion.

Achieving excellence is a complex task that we strive for in every aspect of our business. Accuracy and excellence are hand in hand in creating strong business relationships and producing top notch surveying work.


Project Management


  • Project Kickoff: A meeting, or series of meetings, designed to meet the key team members, review the
    Scope of Work. During the meeting(s) the Project Plan and Timeline will be discussed and established.
  • Project Plan: During the setup phase of the project a detailed Project Plan will be created. The Project Plan set forth in this proposal is meant to be a starting point and will be adjusted as needed be to fit the needs of the project and the likings of the client.
  • Timeline: The project timeline is established at the start of the project and will be held to by the surveying company. However, it is understood that throughout the course of a project factors come up which inevitably alter the timeline. Our timelines are built to suit and are designed with flexibility in mind. Therefore, though a timeline is presented at the start of a project, we will adjust as necessary through the lifespan of the project.


  • Collect Data: Data will be collected in the field with high accurate equipment, including GPS and Robotic
    Instrumentation; locations will be stored in accordance with the most recent standards of land surveying. With these locations and our professional knowledge of surrounding possession lines we will setup a series of search points to look for monuments and/or property corners that have been called for and recorded throughout the title and history of the property.
  • Analyze: After searching and storing the location of various property corners and studying the chain of title along with possession lines, a preliminary boundary survey plan is prepared.
  • Consult: Data collected and analyzed will be reviewed by the Professional Land Surveyor(s) and discussed with the client as necessary. We understand the importance of knowledge and we keep our clients up to speed on the work that is complete. A project, and all important components, is deliberated with the client and all parties involved until an agreement is made or the Scope of Work is appropriately satisfied.


  • Present: Toward the end of the project final deliverables will be presented to the client either in a formal or informal manner. This is the point in the project where final deliverables are reviewed and discussed and final edits are requested and implemented.
  • Deliver: At the conclusion of the project the final deliverables will be provided inclusive of all requested edits. The final deliverables will be provided in a format consistent with discussion and decisions made during the Project Setup phase. At the conclusion of the project all property corners and markers will also be set.

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